Saturday, April 28, 2012

Passenger plane escapes fatal crash at Galkayo Airport

Posted by pi English on April 28th, 2012

Galkayo(Puntlandi)— Jubba airways, one of Somalia’s decent passenger planes operating in Somalia for the past decade escapes fatal accident at Abdullahi Yusuf Airport in Galkayo after one its tires burst, Puntlandi Reports.

Over dozens of passengers and crew members of a Jubba Airways panicked when tire burst and caused aircraft to tilt toward one side.

All passengers evacuated safely by airport rescue team. One of the airplane wings has been cut off after emergency landing.

The incident took place during a rainy season but it has not been confirmed that weather has relation with the accident.

Witness told Puntlandi none of the people on board the Jubba Airways were hurt but the incident caused the closure of the airport runway for several hours as well as panic among passengers.

Civil Aviation Authority at the airport confirmed one the wings of the plane has been severely damaged during accidental landing, but plane finally makes save landing.

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