Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rutan Long-EZ, HB-YCG: Pilot and passenger ok - Lake Constance

The pilot of a small aircraft and his passenger on Saturday morning in st. Gallic Altenrhein had tremendous luck: They stayed in the crash of their two-seater plane into the lake and were rescued unharmed.

The reason why the small plane crashed after takeoff at the airport in the Old Rhine in Lake Constance, is still unclear and under investigation. Clearly, according to police data, the Canton of St. Gallen, the plane suddenly immediately after takeoff shortly before 10 clock for still unknown reasons lost power.

The 43-year-old pilot landed on the lake and then the plane could leave floating along with the 52-year-old passenger. Both men had great luck. They survived the emergency landing some 500 meters from the shore unhurt and were shortly afterwards by a private boat out of the water and brought ashore.

The pilot and the passenger would have incurred in the accident not a single scratch, Hanspeter Kr├╝si, spokesman for the St. Gallen canton police, the news agency said sda on request. At the time of the crash, some boats were near the crash site. Also from the shore of the accident had been observed.

After receiving the first reports, a large alarm was triggered. Besides the police were the Sea rescue, police divers and several fire departments were called out, police said.

The small plane that lost during the emergency landing the left wing, was launched on Saturday afternoon at the Port of Staad ashore. It is examined by specialist services of the State Police.

At the end of March was a small plane crashed near Bregenz in Austria into Lake Constance, just 20 kilometers away from the crash site of the Old Rhine. The pilot and passenger were lost during the disaster her life. The machine was launched in Hohenems (A).

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