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Piper PA-32R-301 Saratoga SP, Groupement de Vol à Moteur Lausanne, HB-PGA: Accident occurred April 28, 2012 in Chatel-St-Denis, near Tatroz, FR - Switzerland

 Firemen remove the wreckage of a small plane that crashed today in western Switzerland. The aircraft plunged into a field not far from houses in the village. It flew over the town twice before crashing around 3:00 pm local time. The passengers and pilot could not immediately be identified.

A plane crash near a small village in western Switzerland has killed at least five people, according to The Associated Press.

Described as a single-engine tourism plane, the aircraft had been flying from Lausanne to Fribourg when it passed over Tatroz village in Attalens commune and crash-landed in a field, according to the newspaper Tribune de Genève, which compiled information from the news agency Agence Télégraphique Suisse and the Vaud canton newspaper 24 heures.

The police said there were no survivors

According to Tribune de Genève, police said none of the victims had so far been identified but the in the village of fewer than 300 residents the passengers were well known. A village husband and wife were aboard with the wife’s father and his brother and a friend of the brother. The flight had been to celebrate the 60th birthday of the father.

The newspaper 20 minutes reports that a teenager gave details after witnessing the scene.

“The plane’s crew had come to wave from the sky to friends in the village. The latter were having an aperitif on their terrace and were in telephone contact with them. This information was confirmed by the police. The aircraft must have had four to six people on board and was flying rather low. It completed several turns over the village before scraping a rooftop and suddenly crashing. Maybe it was surprised by the wind.”

An investigation has been opened, according to 20 minutes.

A small plane crashed in Tatroz in Châtel-St-Denis in Canton Fribourg on a field. As reported by several witnesses over the western Swiss online edition of "20 Minutes"after the crash were several deaths to mourn.

"The occupants of the aircraft from the air would greet friends in the villagewho were just an aperitif on the terrace and in telephone contact with them," says a witness to the news service.

The Manschine had five or six people on board. The canton of Fribourg police confirmed the crash, but can still give an exact number of victimsPolice spokeswoman Donatella Del Vecchio may face only say"All passengers and pilot are dead"

The death toll could not be identifiedThe cause of the accident is still unknown. Eyewitnesses saw the plane had circled twice over the village before it crashed.

The pilot had taken off from the airfield from Lausanne-Blécherette. The plane is a single-engine


Police say at least five people have been killed when a small plane crashed near a village in western Switzerland.

Fribourg district police spokeswoman Donatella Del Vecchio said no one survived the single-engine plane crash, five bodies were found at the site, and authorities are investigating to see if one more person aboard the aircraft had died in the accident.

She says residents of Tatroz saw the plane circle twice above the town before crashing nearby. No one on the ground was hurt.

The plane was flying from a small airport near Lausanne city on Lake Geneva to an airstrip in the Fribourg district.

Police had no immediate information on the cause of the crash or the passengers' identities.

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