Friday, April 13, 2012

$16,000 in equipment stolen from planes at Rock Hill (York Co) Airport-Bryant Field (KUZA) Rock Hill, South Carolina

ROCK HILL --  At least two planes were broken into at the Rock Hill Airport in the past few days, with thieves stealing GPS and radio units.

On Thursday, two men reported their planes –– a Cessna 182-R and a 1968 Cessna Cardinal C177 –– had been broken into, according to a Rock Hill police report.

A radio worth $11,280 was stolen from one plane, the report states. It was inside an unsecured hangar.

Another plane had a GPS worth $4,000 and a Lightspeed Zulu headset, worth $1,000, stolen from it, the report states.

Neither plane had damage to the inside of them.

However, the second plane did have pry marks on the driver’s side door, the report states. The owner said the suspect must have had a rare key to gain access to take the GPS.

The other owner said people entering that part of the airport must have security access, the report states.

Airport officials told police they believe the thefts occurred overnight, the report states. No surveillance video was available.


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