Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Author's novel blends spy action, history during time of three wars

If you're looking for vampires, zombies or alternate history in your recreational reading, Bellingham's Robert A. Wright isn't your author. But if realistic protagonists coping with the sweep of historic events intrigue you, his first novel, "Beyond Ultra," might hold your interest.

Wright, 63, operates Wright Aviation Solutions, with an emphasis on consulting about safety. He served 22 years as an executive with the Federal Aviation Administration, is a former commercial pilot and flies his own Beech Bonanza.

Question: What makes a fellow with a long career in aviation become an author of historical novels?

Answer: I became interested in writing in the last five years because I finally had the time. I'm thoroughly grounded in reality; I'm not into fantasy. My characters are genuine human beings, often faced with difficult decisions and sometimes conflicted, but always with realistic motivations.

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