Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Canada: Airport projects up in the air

The Oshawa Municipal Airport has seen its fair share of press lately, which is leaving everyone in suspense as to what is touching down there and what could take flight.

Recently, Ornge made headlines stating it’s conducting a thorough internal review, meaning the proposed base (which should have been up and running by now), is included in that mix.

Three separate audits are being conducted on the organization, and while it doesn’t mean Ornge won’t eventually land in Oshawa, it doesn’t exactly seem encouraging to have such negative press around an organization that has already bought a hangar at our airport.

Then there is the $25,000 going towards the extensive public process for the proposed 1,000-foot runway extension.

This money is slated to go towards advertising, venue rental and consultant attendance.

But this hefty cost could be money down the drain should the extension not be approved.

On top of this, residents who live close to the airport are adamantly opposed to it, and have come out in droves to prove it.

While the City is making strides to inform the public as well as garner feedback, the future of the airport remains largely in question as the runway extension could open up a whole new aviation world for the airport, but may not happen at all.

Then there are the Seneca College negotiations, which are still in play as well.

Because Buttonville Airport is closing, Seneca College sought out other locations for its aviation program. Oshawa is one of the preferred sites.

If all goes well, our airport could see the school grounded in this community, which may not please everyone, but could be another milestone for the city.

No matter how you slice it, in the coming months or years, the Oshawa airport is going to be changing, it’s just a matter of if it will be on time, if there will be delays, or worse yet, cancellations.

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