Saturday, January 14, 2012

Up in the air, after repairs: American Airlines Boeing 737-800, N971AN. Albany International Airport ( KALB), New York.

The American Airlines 737 sits on the apron of the Albany International Airport in Colonie, N.Y. Jan. 13, 2012 and will be leaving this evening at 5:00pm.
( Skip Dickstein/Times Union)

COLONIE — The American Airlines Boeing 737 that made an emergency landing at Albany International Airport after an engine failure on Monday left the airport Friday evening, airport officials said.

The plane had been en route from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport to Logan International Airport in Boston when the pilot declared an in-flight emergency and landed at Albany.

The flight carried 124 passengers and six crew members, many of whom finished their trip to Boston on another plane later Monday. A few elected to rent cars to make the 170-mile drive from Albany.

Repairs to the plane took the rest of the week. Airport spokesman Doug Myers said it was being de-iced at 6 p.m. Friday before it left Albany. The plane took off a few minutes later.

It had been an unusual sight as it sat near the gate once used by American, which ended service to Albany by full-size jets in late 2002 and pulled out completely in late 2008.

Before that, American and its predecessor airlines had served Albany since 1927.

Airport officials have said they'd welcome the airline back, although American, which is undergoing reorganization in federal bankruptcy court, isn't likely to expand for the time being.


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