Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lancaster Airport Authority OKs budget. Lancaster Airport (KLNS), Pennsylvania.

LANCASTER — The Lancaster Airport Authority has adopted a 2012 budget totaling $1.21 million.

The budget maintains the spending level of 2011 and projects income of about $1.46 million. While that income is about $39,000 less than the 2011 budget, the authority projects the airport to be about $247,000 in the black this year.

The operating budget includes a 1.6 percent wage increase for airport employees and holds the line on rent for most businesses operating at the airport.

The authority did not raise rental fees for T-hangars and fixed base operator businesses - such as repair shops, flight instruction and auto rental operations - but there are increases on corporate hangar rentals, rent on farmland it owns, and the lease on the restaurant operating at the airport.

The budget data projects the airport will lose significant revenue from its landfill operations next year - down to $50,000 from $150,000 - in part because of completion last year of the Target store in Lititz. Construction waste from that project was hauled to the airport landfill.

But some of the lost income is projected to be offset by a $60,000 increase in corporate hangar rentals and a $16,754 jump in income from fuel sales by the airport's fuel business Alliance Aviation.

The airport also cut its public relations and marketing budget by $16,000 and will save an estimated $13,000 by switching to electricity supplier Blue Star Energy.

The board also has approved a plan to shift employee health insurance to a health savings account program beginning in 2013. Airport employees currently are enrolled in an employer-controlled health care reimbursement arrangement, in which any unspent funds revert to the company.

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