Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Zealand: Civil Aviation Authority considers whether to ground Beechcraft planes

The Civil Aviation Authority is considering whether to follow the lead of its Australian counterpart and ground a type of light plane with potentially faulty cables.

Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority has grounded 250 ageing Beechcraft Debonair and Bonanza planes after a control cable snapped in one aeroplane as it was taking off.

The Australian Authority subsequently found the cables in a number of aircraft were badly frayed, and has ordered cables more than 15-years-old be replaced.

New Zealand's Civil Aviation Authority will compare the maintenance histories of Beechcraft planes between the countries.

If the examination finds the New Zealand aircraft are at risk, the CAA will ground them and direct that urgent repairs be carried out.

Up to nine Beechcraft Debonair and Bonanza planes are in operation in New Zealand, and are used mostly in the private sector.

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