Wednesday, January 25, 2012

St. Louis County agrees to Cirrus Aircraft tax rebate

New deal requires minimum of 300 jobs at Duluth aircraft plant

St. Louis County Commissioners agreed to new terms Tuesday on a deal that will resume an annual $27,770 tax rebate to Cirrus Aircraft.

The deal calls for Cirrus to continue paying its full property taxes on its Duluth aircraft manufacturing plant and for the county to give the rebate to Cirrus each year through 2017. Cirrus, in turn, uses the money to help pay off part of the cost of its 2007 expansion that cost $14 million.

The resolution passed as part of the board’s noncontroversial consent agenda and drew no discussion.

“It’s a good-will move for an important employer. We want to see those jobs maintained and we hope that they do grow once the economy improves,” said Barb Hayden, the county’s director of planning and economic development.

Cirrus and the county struck a deal in 2007 that would give the company an annual abatement, or rebate, on one-tenth of $277,700 worth of property taxes each year for 10 years tied to the company’s expansion at its main manufacturing plant at Duluth International Airport.

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