Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Augusta Regional Airport at Bush Field (KAGS) sets passenger record. Augusta, Georgia.

According to airport data, 541,800 passengers flew in and out of Augusta in 2011, beating 2010’s record-setting mark by 9 percent.

“It is really gratifying to have another record breaking year,” said Gary LeTellier, the airport’s executive director. “Fares remain extremely competitive and reliability continues to be very strong at Augusta Regional Airport.”

LeTellier said airport traffic increased despite the disruption of the runway construction.

Delta had 6,300 more passengers in 2011 than the year before. US Airways was up 8,200, according to airport data.

Some of the credit for setting the record goes to American Eagle with a full year of service instead of half a year of service in 2010.

Eagle, however, will cease Augusta flights next week as part of its the bankruptcy proceedings by its parent company.

The back-to-back record-setting years come just five years after one of the lowest points in airport history. In 2006, only 275,723 travelers used the airport.

The lowest annual traveler count in the past 30 years was 1982, with 271,048 passengers, according to airport statistics.

“The low fares, great service and convenience of AGS provide area residents with strong reasons to fly from Augusta. We look for continued success in 2012,” LeTellier said.

Reliability for the three airlines, was high for completed flights and in the 80 percent range for on-time departures.

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