Friday, April 01, 2022

Mooney M20E Chaparral, N21BS: Fatal accident occurred March 31, 2022 at Kerrville Municipal Airport (KERV), Kerr County, Texas

National Transportation Safety Board accident number: CEN22LA164 

Federal Aviation Administration / Flight Standards District Office; San Antonio, Texas

Aircraft landed and was taxiing, crossed grass median and impacted a parked aircraft. 

Date: 31-MAR-22
Time: 16:00:00Z
Regis#: N21BS
Aircraft Make: MOONEY
Aircraft Model: 20E
Event Type: ACCIDENT
Highest Injury: FATAL
Total Fatal: 1
Flight Crew: 1 fatal
Pax: 0
Activity: PERSONAL
Flight Phase: TAXI (TXI)
Operation: 91
Aircraft Missing: No
State: TEXAS

Those who may have information that might be relevant to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation may contact them by email, and any friends and family who want to contact investigators about the accident should email You can also call the NTSB Response Operations Center at 844-373-9922 or 202-314-6290.

UPDATE: The pilot died from a cardiac-related emergency that was not caused by the crash, according to the city of Kerrville.

According to a statement from the city, a witness saw the plane land about 11 a.m. March 31 and taxi with what appeared to be an unconscious pilot. The plane traveled over a patch of grass and collided with an unoccupied, stationary aircraft. Medics were summoned and the pilot was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


A pilot lost consciousness while taxiing a plane at the Kerrville/Kerr County Airport at Louis Schreiner Field and later was pronounced dead. 

After landing, the pilot’s Mooney M20E Chaparral crossed a grass median and crashed into a parked aircraft March 31, according to a preliminary report from the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA reported one fatality — the pilot — and listed the incident as an accident.  


  1. KERV, Kerrville, TX is home to Mooney Aerospace Group Ltd.

    1. Yes, very ironic in several respects, it appears. Old airplane on the factory field, still flies fine (?) but fatal while taxiing...

  2. Replies
    1. One news story stated it this way:

      A witness saw the plane drive over a patch of grass and they advised the plane's pilot appeared unconscious, police say.

  3. In the 1990 and 1991 that aircraft went to south america, crossed the atlantic twice and visited 13 countries including the USSR.

    1. The friendship flights were not by this accident's pilot, but the airplane's past endeavors at that link are interesting.

      That Mooney was photographed next to Convair B-58 Hustler #668 in one of the photos in the connected FB albums: