Saturday, May 01, 2021

Angered by dust cloud, soccer fans prevent helicopter ambulance from landing

Soccer fans in the municipality of Malinalco in the state of México prevented a medical helicopter from landing in a soccer field on Wednesday, delaying the transport of a newborn baby to hospital.

The helicopter, which had been sent to pick up a baby having trouble breathing, interrupted a soccer game as it sought to land in a field and kicked up a huge cloud of dust. Angry fans threw bottles, sticks and rocks at the Grupo Relámpago helicopter, forcing the pilot to leave.

As a result, the infant was not taken to the hospital until the next day, according to a social media announcement by Grupo Relámpago. The baby’s condition was not made public.

The state Human Rights Commission has launched an investigation.


  1. Punish the fans by allowing no soccer for a week. If they don't believe the punishment is fair then no soccer for a month.

  2. I use to think most people in general were kind caring folks. Cases like this and covid has forever changed that perception. So many self serving, self center people in the world. Sad.

  3. That soccer team and their stupid fans had better hope that infant recovers in spite the fact those fans delayed the baby's arrival at the hospital by a full day. The baby was having trouble breathing ... by the way. That's the reason the baby needed to go to the hospital.