Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Loud noise reported in Horry County confirmed to be 'static maintenance engine test'

HORRY COUNTY, South Carolina (WPDE) — Did you hear a loud noise in Horry County Monday night?

Several Grand Strand residents called ABC15 and posted on social platforms wanting to know what the alarming noise was.

People said it allegedly sounded like airplanes or jets.

The noise was reportedly made by an old Boeing 727on the private side of Myrtle Beach International Airport, according to eye witness Scott Greenway.

ABC15 reached out to Myrtle Beach International Airport for confirmation.

The Director of General Aviation and Properties with MYR, Ryan Betcher, stated the following on Tuesday morning:

A MYR based operator performed a static maintenance engine test Monday evening, which resulted in intermittent elevated aircraft noise levels. Airport staff is working with the operator to ensure that future operations of this nature will be conducted in a manner that will minimize disruptions to our community members.


  1. Ya’ll just made those mechanics have to go through one extra step to ensure your safety...congrats.

  2. I'm so sick of hysterical ninnies who move in near airports and complain about the sound.

  3. Was a “whisper Jet “ when I flew on Eastern in the 70’S. Lol.