Sunday, January 27, 2019

Piper PA-32RT-300T, N39650: Accident occurred January 27, 2019 near Austin Executive Airport (KEDC), Texas

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PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) — A pilot of a small plane was forced to do a crash landing in Pflugerville shortly after taking off from Austin Executive Airport Sunday afternoon.

Austin-Travis County EMS first tweeted about the crash that happened around the area of 5500 Pleasanton Parkway just before 3:30 p.m. The area is just east of State Highway 130.

One person was on board and had minor injuries. 

A spokesperson with the Texas Department of Public Safety said the pilot took off from Austin Executive Airport, but the reason for the abrupt landing is unknown.

It landed in a residential area and hit a parked car, a spokesperson with the Federal Aviation Administration said. 

The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate the situation.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, pilot is damn lucky there was no post-crash fire. I bet the right wing hit those wires or a pole to rip it off like that. Glad the pilot is alright.

GordieJet said...

Don't see any gas all over the ground next to broken off wing.

Anonymous said...

Fuel tank wasn’t breached.

Anonymous said...

But the fuel lines would have either fractured or separated the fitment from the tank. And with the way the tank is sitting it would have to be near empty for nothing to come out the fitment.

Anonymous said...

Who in their right would takeoff with the tanks nearly empty? As soon as you would make a turn it would un-port the tank causing it to suck air and make the engine sputter & quit. Not to say it hasn't been done before. Another legacy A/C bites the dust. Once they're all gone and only Cirrus SR20 & 22's are left, who can afford $400+/hr to rent one? Not this guy!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why they crashed - ran out of gas, engine died, wing ripped off and no fuel leakage and no fire because fuel didn't exist at that point!