Sunday, September 9, 2018

Missing plane? Volcano? Oregon Civil Air Patrol is ready, test finds

A team of U.S. Air Force officers found Oregon's Civil Air Patrol ready to respond to calamities after a weekend of evaluations.

The tests are done every two years and designed to ensure the state can react in the event of a major problem, such as a missing plane, according to an Oregon Civil Air Patrol press release.

The evaluation team consisted of people from  California, Oregon and Washington. More than 80 Oregon Wing volunteers gathered at the Aurora State Airport, Redmond Municipal Airport, and Rogue Valley International Airport in Medford for the evaluation.

The Oregon Civil Air Patrol was rated "ready," which is the highest rating, according to the release.

The rating system goes from "Ready" to "Ready with exceptions" to "Not Ready."

"This weekend, simulated earthquake, volcanic eruption, ash clouds, flooding and a missing pilot and airplane were part of the scenarios handed to leaders to respond to," the release said. "Photographic teams were dispatched in airplanes to the coast and along rivers in the affected areas.  Some areas were closed due to Temporary Flight Restrictions as the simulated ash cloud minimized visibility, similar to what wildfire smoke has done this summer throughout Oregon."

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Anonymous said...

Glad their getting some training. Usually CAP gets the headline for a 182 crashing at some airport.