Monday, July 9, 2018

Cincinnati Children's: Helipad closed because of Critical Care Tower construction

Please be advised our Helipad is CLOSED to all flight operations until further notice due to the erection of the large crane assisting in the building of our new Critical Care Tower. 

To all FLIGHT PERSONNEL please when you are preparing to land at the alternate landing site of UC MEDICAL CENTER let us know your stretcher needs. We have a team in place 24/7 to escort you from the UC HELIPAD to our facility. We are equipped with BOTH Stryker and Ferno cot mounts we can have ready for your landing... or if you’re a team that utilizes a SLED we have a stretcher available to attach your sled and safe transport to Children’s. -Cincinnati Children's Critical Care Transport Team

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center has closed its helipad because of construction on a new Critical Care Tower.

The hospital on Sunday announced that a large crane assisting in the tower's erection has taken the helipad out of service until further notice.

The hospital has established University of Cincinnati Medical Center as an alternate landing site for medical helicopters.

A team is constantly in place to transport patients from the UC Medical helipad to Cincinnati Children's, according to a social media post from the hospital.

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