Monday, June 4, 2018

100 mph Winds Destroy Delta Regional Airport (KDRP), Colt, St. Francis County, Arkansas

COLT, Arkansas  - An Arkansas community is in the process of recovery after storms ripped through their town. 

Colt, Arkansas is just outside of Forrest City, Arkansas, where thousands still remain without power. FOX13's Tony Atkins went to the small town of Colt Sunday and spent his day there. We observed the entire airport was destroyed including the actual airplanes. 

Chuck Currie, who is a plane owner, told FOX13 he can't believe it's all gone. 

“I hate it. It’s just gone,” Currie said.

Currie told FOX13 he only had his plane for less than a year. He was devastated to see it's condition. 

“I always wanted one of these. This was the only thing on my bucket list,” Currie said.

Shannon Hobbs of the Delta Regional Airport Authority said the airport was about 18-years in the making. He says between all planes, and the hangar damages could be in the millions.

“It’s very disheartening. You have to try to find the bright side, that there’s no injuries, and nobody’s hurt,” Hobbs told FOX13. 

Hobbs said he's not going to take long to rebuild the airport. He's determined to make things right again. 

“We’ll rebound. We’ll make it happen. We’ll work together and see the project come back bigger and better than ever,” Hobbs said. 

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Jim B said...

I am impressed by the optimism of those who have lost so much.

Genuine people.