Monday, March 26, 2018

Plane halted after attempting take off without clearance in Thunder Bay: Jazz aircraft had been instructed to hold on runway, Transportation Safety Board says

Air traffic controllers at Thunder Bay's airport were forced to intervene when an aircraft attempted to take off without clearance earlier this month.

According to Canada's Transportation Safety Board, the incident occurred at about 7:45 p.m. on March 9.

An aircraft operated by Jazz Aviation, which was bound for Toronto, was instructed to hold on runway 25, as a Wasaya aircraft was approaching runway 12 for a landing. Runway 25 intersects with runway 12.

However, air traffic controllers saw the Jazz aircraft beginning its takeoff roll, and immediately told the pilot to stop while the Wasaya plane landed.

The Jazz aircraft was then told to move off the runway and wait on a nearby taxiway, as a medevac flight was landing on runway 25.

A Transportation Safety Board representative said it's unclear why the Jazz pilot began taking off without clearance. An investigation into the incident has not yet taken place.

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  1. Human factors recognize that pilots are human.

  2. Good thing they were watching. Could have been another Canary Island disaster. Not just one pilot messing up, but the co-pilot also messed up by allowing it to progress to a TO roll. A pilot just can't guess on a clearance. They have to receive it and say it back to the controller. Pilot does not command the runway until it is given to the pilot by the controller. More critical training needed at Jazz. Both Jazz Pilots should be grounded until reviewed. Really scary for passengers flying with that level of incredible incompetence at the controls. They just got a new lease on life!