Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Commercial planes still flying out of Rogue Valley International Airport (KMFR) amid heavy smoke

MEDFORD, Ore. — Most flights out of Medford have not been affected by the heavy smoke in the region.

The Rogue Valley International Airport says commercial flights are usually not affected by the smoke until visibility is down half a mile.

"It's about as bad as it's been," Bern Case, director of the Rogue Valley International Airport says. "We really need 3 miles of visibility. It's kind of tough when you can't see better than three miles, and right now, we're probably close to that."

Some private and recreational planes, however, are affected by the smoke and can not fly out.

Most private planes have issues flying out with visibility lower than three miles, which has been the case over the weekend and on Monday.

As of Tuesday, no commercial flights are delayed due to the low visibility.

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