Thursday, August 24, 2017

Clark County, Washington: Sheriff's Office testing unmanned aircraft systems to fight crime

CLARK COUNTY, Wash. — The Clark County Sheriff's Office showed off a new crime fighting tool Thursday - unmanned aircraft systems.

According to Deputy Jason Granneman, the aircraft will be used for very specific incidents. It won't be used it as a surveillance tool over the public.

"If we have an outstanding subject, if we have an armed felon that’s running from us, of course you can’t see everything from the ground, if you have that aerial perspective, we could see perhaps where that person ran to," he explained. "It’s very important for the public to know that we’re just not out flying these around just every day and doing massive surveillance. We use these for very specific applications."

They'll also use them during emergency situations.

"If we do have a shooting just occurred and we have somebody on the run, we’re going to put those up right away because there’s a real obvious public safety issue," Granneman said. "We’re not using them to just surveil the county because we have too many people and too much time, they’re going to be used very specifically."

And don't call it a drone!

"Drones typically, people kind of have the connotation to the military. and so we don’t fly military drones ," Granneman explained. "In fact, the UAS devices that we use, any one of you can buy."

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