Thursday, August 24, 2017

Williamsport Regional Airport (KIPT), Lycoming County, Pennsylvania: Most vital part of airport punchlist is future outcome

Earth is being moved and construction of the Williamsport Regional Airport’s new passenger terminal is starting. By this time next year, a $16.8 million airport modernization project in Montoursville will be complete.

But the most important part of the punchlist to fulfill follows completion of the project.

Airport spokesman Dave Frey says the improvements will “make us more attractive to further our air service.”

“Modern facilities are going to be the key to our future,” Thomas J. Hart, airport executive director, said as the work was starting.

The actual punchlist includes a passenger holding bridge for more efficient movement of travelers. The building design features a passenger baggage carousel and seating for 200 people in a secured waiting area for outbound travelers and a lobby area for those waiting for arriving passengers.

A passenger loading bridge will allow travelers to board planes in a covered area, protecting them from inclement weather and adding to their safety. The days of passengers walking through snow, ice, subzero temperatures and rainstorms are about to end. These are all overdue modernization items for the airport.

Will they result in additional carriers creating more choice and possibly lower airline rates at the airport?

Will they result in air transportation playing a larger role in the region’s economic vitality in the future?

Those are the most important items on the project punchlist. The region is behind the curve compared with other areas when it comes to air transportation. Hopefully, $26 million in improvements over a 10-year period will make the region a viable air transportation player.

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