Thursday, August 24, 2017

Peninsula Airport Commission asked to mediate restaurant dispute

Former airport commissioner and Newport News city manager Ed Maroney asked the Peninsula Airport Commission to call on an outside mediator to resolve a pending dispute with the restaurant it removed last year.

At issue is reimbursement for investments made by New Dominion Clubs in its restaurant and bar facilities at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport since 2004.

“(New Dominion owner) Tom McDermott operated in good faith and served this airport for a long time .. investing more and more of his own money,” Maroney said. “He doesn’t deserve to be treated so unfairly.”

Maroney said mediation with an outside arbitrator would be fair to both the commission and New Dominion, and would help reassure firms that might want to sign a contract with the commission in the future.

The commission last year terminated New Dominion’s lease. A Newport News judge has ruled the commission acted legally but said it should reimburse the company for what it invested in those facilities.

New Dominion is seeking $877,000 it said it has spent on its main restaurant and and on kiosks and bars in both the airport’s concourse.

“We submitted all of our invoices and evidence of payment over five months ago,” said Brittany Stellute, a New Dominion executive. “Despite all of this we have been absolutely stonewalled.”

She said the large legal fees the commission has already incurred should lead it to want to resolve the matter,

The airport’s interim executive director, Sandy Wanner, said later that the commission was complying with the court order and is conferring with New Dominion.

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