Monday, August 7, 2017

Bids Opening Set For Woodbine Municipal Airport (KOBI) Taxiway A Rehabilitation—Stage II

WOODBINE - The Woodbine Borough has authorized bids to go out for the Woodbine Municipal Airport Taxiway A Rehabilitation-State II Construction Project. 

Bid opening will be Aug. 24, 2017, at 11 a.m. A pre-bid conference will be held at 11 am Aug. 14, 2017, at the Woodbine Municipal Airport, 660 Henry DeCinque Boulevard.

The Woodbine Municipal Airport received grant funding in the amount of $338,913.06 from the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s FY2017 Airport Improvement Program for this project

Taxiway A is essential to the Airport’s taxiway system. Taxiway A renders an important role providing access to Runway 1 and 31. Without this taxiway, aircraft departing on Runway 1 would be required to back taxi to the departure end of the runway. Engineering Brief No, 75: Incorporation of Runway Incursion Prevention into Taxiway and Apron Design warns against using runways as taxiways.

The FAA approved Master Plan, states that the activity and the amount of based aircraft are projected to increase over time. Airside facilities at Woodbine Municipal Airport will require an upgrade to continue meeting the existing and future demands of the flying community and to comply with safety standards.

Taxiway A is a primary taxiway which serves as the only connector between the approach ends of Runway 1 and 31.

Stage I, which was recently completed, rehabilitated approximately 1,000’ x 65’ section of Taxiway A between Runway 1-19 and Runway 13-31. This stage was funded by a $400,000 NJDOT grant. Stage II addresses the second half of the taxiway consisting of another 1,000’ x 65’. The scope of work will include repairing cracks, reconstructing portions of the taxiway that have failed, mill the top surface course, and provide an overlay of the taxiway with bituminous pavement. The project will also include taxiway markings.

“The State of New Jersey is committed to providing our general aviation with these needed improvements so as to preserve our local aviation resource,” noted Mayor Pikolycky.

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