Monday, June 05, 2017

Number of Guns Spotted at Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport (KMSP) Security Increasing

 Guns are a growing problem at Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport. In fact, more guns are being spotted at MSP's security checkpoints than ever before, according to Transportation Security Administration officials.

Here's the breakdown: TSA officers found 18 guns at MSP in 2014. That number jumped to 23 guns in 2015. A record 38 guns were found in 2016. And so far this year, 15 guns have already been spotted through mid-May, which is more than ever before.

Of those guns, the TSA said more than 80 percent were loaded. Of those, the vast majority had a round in the chamber.

"That stops everything, and it makes that passenger's day a whole lot worse," said Cliff Van Leuven, the federal director for the TSA in Minnesota.
MSP security checkpoint

There is a way to legally fly with a gun. According to the TSA, it needs to be checked in a hard-sided case with an unloaded magazine and ammunition in its original packaging. The case has to be locked, and the gun owner must let ticketing agents know they're traveling with it.

"Before you pack your bag, unpack your bag," Van Leuven said. "Make sure you know what's in there and then don't bring firearms through a security checkpoint."

The infraction can be a costly experience. Van Leuven said those who are caught with a gun at a security checkpoint can expect a $7500 fine from the TSA. They'll also be charged with a misdemeanor, and their gun will likely be confiscated as evidence.

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