Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Eagles Nest Airport (31E) Development Slated for Public Hearing: Eagleswood Project Using 111 More Acres

“The airport is not being expanded, nor have I purchased additional land,” Eagles Nest airport owner Peter Weidhorn assured one of his neighbors in writing last week, adding he would be pleased to discuss the matter further, with her or with any concerned citizen in the airport’s vicinity.

A public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 28, at 7 p.m. in the municipal meeting room in West Creek. Its purpose, Weidhorn explained, is for New Jersey Department of Transportation, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, New Jersey State Planning Commission, Eagles Nest Airport and Eagleswood Township to satisfy the requirements of the Coastal Area Facility Review Act – and to receive public testimony on a map amendment, according to the notice issued by the Office for Planning Advocacy, which oversees the State Planning Commission. The map amendment would allow for the creation of a new transportation “node” on 111 acres, 107 of which are already disturbed.

The report is available electronically for public inspection on the Office for Planning Advocacy’s website at nj.gov/state/planning. Select “Map Amendments” from the menu under Regional Coordination in the Office of Planning Advocacy section.

In it, the new designation of “Heavy Industry Transportation Utility Node” is described as an enhancement that would promote “beneficial economic growth, development and renewal for all residents of New Jersey.”

“While the airport is small,” according to the report, “it is a public airport that is used for emergency purposes and training purposes by various government entities. The airport has also received significant government funding over the years to make necessary improvements and currently employs 70 people. A resolution was adopted by Eagleswood Township in 2016 supporting this petition for a node at the Eagles Nest airport.”

The public may comment orally, and in written form, at the hearing and may submit written comments to the Director of the Office for Planning Advocacy until July 28. Written comments can be emailed to Osg_ed@sos.nj.gov, or mailed to the New Jersey Department of State, Office for Planning Advocacy, 33 West State St., 4th Floor, P.O. Box 820, Trenton, N.J. 08625-0820. 

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