Monday, March 6, 2017

Purdue Aviation gains Federal Aviation Administration approval for new certification status

Students in Purdue Aviation are now able to get their pilot’s licenses faster.

The Federal Aviation Administration approved Part 141 of the flight school certification, which demands less time for students to get their pilot’s licenses than what they previously had with Part 61.

The new certification will open up new opportunities for students, particularly those in the school of aviation transportation technology within the Polytechnic Institute.

Jeff Pittard, the president of Purdue Aviation, said the process to receive the Part 141 certification took around 11 months. He said it will allow Purdue Aviation to expand outside of the University.

“We have several opportunities to partner with other organizations to be a source to train professional pilots,” Pittard said.

Pittard said that Part 141 allows students in the flight school to receive their commercial pilot certificates in 60 fewer hours.

“We want to be able to create a school where we are teaching prospective students to become professional pilots in less than a year’s time,” Pittard said.

Ryan Emery, a student who received his pilot’s license through Purdue Aviation, said that Part 141 will help organize how a student can obtain his or her license.

“When I received my license, there was no set structure to when I had to take my classes,” Emery said. “With this new certification, students will have a more concrete schedule to know when they take their classes.”

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