Monday, March 06, 2017

Beech G35, N219B: Aircraft landed gear up

AIRCRAFT – M&M, S/N: 1956 Beechcraft G35, N219B Serial No. D-4522

ENGINE   -  M&M, S/N:  Continental E-225-8-E225-ARS1001 which is a modified IO-470

PROPELLER – M&M, S/N: Damaged

TOTAL HOURS (estimated TT & TSMO from logbooks or other information):

ENGINE:  651.6 hours SMOH

PROPELLER:   Damaged

AIRFRAME:  4,923.9 hours

OTHER EQUIPMENT:     KMA24, Narco AT165, KLN 94, MX170C, MX170B, KN64

DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT:  Aircraft landed gear up.

DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGES:    Belly skins, propeller, sudden engine stoppage, lower cowling and air intake, all gear doors and cowl flaps.

LOCATION OF AIRCRAFT:   On the ramp at Washington Regional Airport, MO

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