Friday, May 6, 2016

Planning and Zoning considers proposed landing strip near Table Rock, Ada County, Idaho

Dean Hilde gets ready to present to Planning and Zoning commissioners Thursday.

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) — A landing strip potentially coming to the Boise foothills has generated some controversy.

The man who wants to put it there said he's already been flying in and out of the area near Table Rock for quite some time.

Now, he's pushing for a permit to do so. Ada County Planning and Zoning commissioners heard his request Thursday night.

Many of his neighbors gathered outside the commissioners room to show their support.

"First of all, I believe strongly in private property rights. People should be able to do things with their property if it's not strongly detrimental for their neighbors," said Mike Boren, a neighbor.

Other neighbors not in favor of the idea, submitted letters opposing the plan. They say it would hurt wildlife habitat and create safety risks.

But Dean Hilde, the man proposing the plan, said that wouldn't be the case. "Us residents up there, better than anyone, understand the migration habits of the deer and elk that come in and out of that area."

He said he's agreed to work with Fish and Game on an elk mitigation plan. Some of his neighbors said that putting a landing strip in that area would help prevent more homes from being built.

KBOI 2News asked Hilde, "why can't you fly out of the Boise airport?"

"It's a good question. It's a fair question and I've been asked that question a lot so I've thought about it a lot," Hilde said. "There's a number of reasons. One, it's really convenient. Two, the Boise airport is not very general aviation friendly."

He said small planes don't mix well with big commercial planes and military aircraft at the airport. "It's just not a very safe place for a guy in general aviation."

Planning and Zoning commissioners haven't made a recommendation yet. KBOI 2News will keep you updated with the latest.

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