Sunday, April 10, 2016

Gainesville Regional Airport (KGNV) sign needed on Waldo Road

The lack of a large sign on Waldo Road at the new entrance to the Gainesville Regional Airport is still being noted by motorists.

Steve Kirn emailed The Sun about the absence recently, suggesting that at least one of those green signs with the image of an airplane be placed there. Such a sign is on Waldo approaching 39th Avenue leading to the original airport entrance, which is still in use.

“The new entrance has a nice — though small, and set back from the main road — sign on the east side of the road, but no other indication that that is the ‘new’ entrance,” Kirn said. “I suggest another, closer, ‘airplane’ sign to direct drivers to the new entrance — in both north- and southbound directions.”

Kirn is not the first person to write about the issue. Bill Burger did last June.

At that time, airport spokeswoman Laura Aguiar said that permitting from various agencies was needed and that the design of a new, large sign was underway with University of Florida art and design students joining in.

Now, however, a new issue has arisen. A request for a proposal has been issued for companies interested in building a new hotel by the airport, either close to Waldo Road or next to the terminal.

“There is a developer with some interest in building adjacent to our terminal. If plans work out, that hotel brand has to go on the sign, so we are not going to spend $50,000 to $60,000 on a sign when changes would be forthcoming,” Aguiar said. “The (request for proposal) closes May 6 and we expect to know whether we have serious interest. We think we do. We could have interest from more than one.”

So, it doesn’t appear as if a Waldo Road airport sign will appear anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Albert Caracausa had a recent request.

“Please advise the responsible authorities that the dotted lines that guide cars making a left turn onto Southwest 20th Avenue from 62nd Boulevard should be repainted. The original lines have been completely worn off,” he said in an email. “This turn is particularly dangerous at night because visibility is poor and one can inadvertently turn into the oncoming westbound traffic on 20th Avenue.”

Consider it done — the passing on of the observations, anyway. No telling when the lines will be repainted, though.

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