Monday, January 11, 2016

Mary Lanning Healthcare Helicopter Supplements Transport Services

HASTINGS, Neb. -- Mary Lanning Healthcare formed a partnership with Lifeteam in November, which has not only created good competition among transport services but has also provided more care to people in the area.

Hospital officials said they had been working on bringing the flight service to the hospital for about a year.

"Mary Lanning came to us and asked us to be part of their team, so they could provide a better approach to services for the community," Lifeteam base manager Katie Sparks said.

Lifeteam's helicopter has a 150 mile coverage radius and serves as a transfer service for the hospital.

"We are here. We are on scene. We can be up in the air very quickly for the community. So therefore, it's just providing that quick response," Sparks said.

However, Lifeteam isn't the first flight service in Hastings. In fact, Midwest Medical Transport Company also serves Mary Lanning Healthcare and responds to calls throughout the entire state.

"It has created competition in the area, but competition makes everyone better," Midwest Medical Transport Company's business development director Sean DeLancey said. "There's definitely going to be competition in the area, but we see competition in a lot of places we operate all across our service area, so it's something we're used to facing."

Lifeteam crews take on average about one to two calls a day, depending on the day.

Lifeteam flight crews said their flight services will only supplement what's already being offered in the area, and the fire department, Midwest Medical and Lifeteam will divvy up calls depending on who's not busy.

"We all service the community. We are here to help our patients and the community," Sparks said. "Being here on the pad, yes, we're a little bit quicker for Mary Lanning, but if we're on a call, other services will come in and provide that service also for that patient."

"We'll continue providing a premiere service to all of Nebraska," DeLancey said.

The unspoken collaboration is what the Hastings Fire Department said is needed in the community since the safety and care of a patient is the most important.

"They're important teams. They're teams the community needs. When it's an emergency and somebody needs help, it really isn't a matter of, 'Can you do this, or can I do this?' It's just important that it gets done," Hastings Fire Chief Kent Gilbert said.

Chief Gilbert added there will be times when both transport services will likely be used in a time of emergency, such as at large accidents.

Lifeteam and Mary Lanning will be adding ground transportation Friday, which will be the first and only ambulance at Mary Lanning.

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