Monday, January 11, 2016

Contract negotiations to finalize American Airlines, US Airways merger

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:
  • Contract negotiations between mechanics and American Airlines begin Monday
  • Mechanics and representatives said they will ask for higher pay, more benefits
  • A comprehensive contract could take months to negotiate
  • The finalized contract will complete the merger between American Airlines and US Airways
The final steps begin Monday for a merger involving one of Tulsa’s largest employers.

Monday morning, contract negotiations between a nation-wide network of mechanics and American Airlines begin in Dallas.

The contract will bring mechanics from the former US Airways and American into one working agreement.

The agreement will allow mechanics from each airline to work on the other company’s airplanes, streamlining workflow in the area.

American officials told FOX23 they intend to keep their maintenance base in Tulsa and potentially increase the jobs and workload of the base.

Dale Danker, president of Transport Workers Union, Local 514, spoke with FOX23 before traveling to Dallas to represent Tulsa in the negotiation process.

He said now that the airline is profitable, Tulsa workers feel comfortable asking for better pay and benefits, some of which they gave up in previous negotiations while American filed for bankruptcy.

“If you’re working for a company that is at the top of the industry, then you want to be compensated accordingly,” he said. “We’re very motivated because we are the last group moving forward. Everyone is motivated. We are highly motivated to get something quicker than longer.”

Finalizing a contract that covers every part of the maintenance system could take several months, and it will have to be approved with American mechanics across the country with a simple majority.

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