Saturday, December 05, 2015

Laredo, Texas, police learning drones

LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - Police will soon be getting a birds' eye view of accident scenes and other investigations.

You may see drones being used at parks for recreation, but the equipment recently purchased by the police department is more sophisticated than the ones used by hobbyists.

"We go through very strict procedure for how to prepare the aircraft, how to fly the aircraft with precision", said Zac Mott.

Police officers have their eyes set on the sky as they coordinate the movement's of their latest tool.

This unmanned aircraft system is touted by the chief pilot of Leptron, Zac Mott as a dependable tool used by many law enforcement clients.

"It will go about 40 mph, it will fly in winds of about 20 mph, and it will fly for approximately 15 minutes based on environmental conditions", said Mott.

The Rdass model features include four-rotors and an HD camera that feeds live video to the screen below.

Officers are relying on its capabilities to help give them a better handle of their investigations.

"On standoff situation, on hostage situations, where our presence is needed and we are already on the scene and need to get a better perspective of what's going on, definitely we will be deploying this system to better help our officers and keep them away if necessary".

They're planning on using it for traffic accident reconstructions and other tactical operations. But it will require some teamwork.

"At all times, when we deploy the unit, there will be a minimum of three people flying it, the unit leader, an observer, and the actual pilot.

The police department hopes it will keep them better informed and safe as they continue their mission to protect and serve.

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