Saturday, December 05, 2015

Company breathing new life in to old airplane parts

BURNSVILLE, Minn – The folks at Aircraft Demolition have been scrapping out and recycling old airplane parts since 2008 in their Burnsville shop.

Just this year, owner Tim Zemanivic and his wife Erin have taken on a new concept -- the Aero Art Shop.

"My family and my crew think I'm kind of a hoarder in saving this stuff," Tim Zemanovic jokes.

The idea is furniture and artwork made from old airplane parts. Designer Ryan Hoskins has been with the company since earlier this year.

"When I started this job I had no idea what I was getting myself into," Hoskins says. "But now, when I'm driving home from work, you see a plane in the sky and think, 'huh, what could I make out of that?'"

The company scraps out old plane parts and have them shipped to their Burnsville shop where they fabricate furniture. The company and its designers have created tables, chairs, bars, clocks and dozens of pieces from old parts.

"This came right out of the engine," Zemanovic says as he shows off a clock made in the company showroom. "We built our own custom made clock.

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