Sunday, December 27, 2015

Air India aircraft and Jet Airways bus separated 5 days after the mishap at Kolkata airport

New Delhi, December 27:    Almost five days after a Jet Airways bus had rammed into an Air India ATR aircraft at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, the Air India’s recovery team finally managed to separate the two on Sunday morning. 

It was only after almost 100 hours that Air India’s recovery team from the Mumbai Engineering division and the engineering team of Kolkata could separate the aircraft engine from the bus with the help a balloon type equipment to pull the bus from the aircraft engine. 

The operation which had began overnight could be completed only by Sunday morning.

According to airport officials, the incident happened when the aircraft was parked in the airport at Bay no 32, preparing to leave for Silchar. 

The pilot of the Jet Airways had lost control and banged into the left wing of the aircraft.

Though no casualties were reported although, the damage is estimated in crores for the national carrier. 

The Air India spokesperson has also said that the plane is worth approximately around Rs 400 crores, as reported by India Today.

The aircraft engine also suffered a severe damage due to the impact. 

The collision could have also led to an explosion had the plane’s engine been running.

An extensive damage to the right side of the engine, the right landing gear alongside some other parts has been caused due to the hard impact.

Flight operations to the north east like Silchar and Shillong had to be also cancelled.

“AAI, Police, CISF and other authorities have taken serious  note of the negligence and are investigating the incident,” an Air India official has informed.

The aircraft is still at the same spot, while the shuttle bus has been shifted to another place.


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