Saturday, October 03, 2015

Cessna 421C Golden Eagle, N68685: Incident occurred October 02, 2015 at Willmar Municipal Airport (KBDH), Kandiyohi County, Minnesota

This Cessna 421C Golden Eagle landed safely late Friday afternoon at Willmar Municipal Airport after going through an emergency checklist following a landing gear warning. Pilot Tom Sand was to use an emergency procedure to lock the landing gear in place before attempting a landing. The plane originated its flight from the Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport in Dickinson, North Dakota.

WILLMAR -- A private twin-engine airplane carrying six passengers returning from work in western North Dakota landed safely at Willmar Municipal Airport Friday afternoon after the pilot reported trouble with the left landing gear.

Pilot Tom Sand was returning to Willmar with six employees of Quam Construction of Willmar who were working for the company in the Dickinson, North Dakota, area.

Sand reported that lights and a horn indicated the landing gear was not functioning properly. After going through an emergency checklist, he activated an emergency procedure that used compressed air to blow the landing gear into place.

Sand flew low over the airport to allow airport personnel to see whether the gear was down. Personnel were not sure, however, if the gear was locked. Sand eventually landed the Cessna 421C Golden Eagle as softly as he could, then slowly negotiated the turn onto the taxiway and came to a stop at the hangar area. Sand said the landing gear will be inspected.