Friday, October 23, 2015

Aircraft Flyover: Borrego Air Ranch (58CL), Borrego Springs, San Diego County, California

The Borrego Air Ranch & Friends will be performing a flyover on Saturday October 24th at 9.45 a.m. 

A variety of airplanes will be on display with an outstanding line-up of skilled pilots ready to wow the crowds with their beautiful aircraft. 

There will also be WARBIRDS & Friends Air Show Flyover (WWII planes flyover); 22 major aircraft from the Palm Springs and San Diego War Museums.

The first Warbird will be seen over the Parade Center at 10:00 a.m. 

Later, some spectators may have the opportunity to experience the thrills for themselves by buying a ticket to ride. 

All monies being generously donated to the Blood Bank.

The following pilots and planes have committed to fly:

SNJ "Sassy" from our own CAF flown by Darrel Cook and Alton "Boots" McCormick

AT-6 flown by Walter Bagdasarian

C-47 (DC-3) flown by Palm Springs Air Museum. Captain Mike Nightengale

Stearman flown by Dave Derby

Stearman flown by Rick Fordem

Stearman flown by Jim Ostrich

Stearman flown by Chris Kenefick

Stearman flown by Bob Symon

ASTREA Sheriff Helicopter flown by Lt Maria Wood and Sergeant Mark Johnston.

State Park Husky - Display with Ranger Joshua Ertl

Extra Flown by Bill Bancroft

Panzl S -330 Flown by Grey Brant

Extra Flown by Pat Daily

Flying prior to the Warbirds are Aircraft and Pilots from the Borrego Air Ranch. The first aircraft will be over Parade Center at 09:45.

Mike Donahue Cessna 172

Ryan Fordem Cessna 172

Bill Carpenter Cessna 182

Bruce and Mary Anderson - Cherokee 180

Dave Skogland - Cessna 172

Kit Palmer - Citrabia

Jay Molyneux- T-34

Garry Hanifan -Cessna 172

Not confirmed but "extremely" possible:

Cessna Mustang Corporate Jet Flown by owner of ShowTec - Jonathan Martin. Display.

WWII PT-19 Trainer - Flown by Leslie Day

T-34 Flown by Hohn Flippen

Stearman Flown by Dr. Steve Byers

Stearman Flown by Willis "Bill " Allen

L-4 Military Trainer flown by CAF.

And more keep trickling in.

Remember, Maintenance and weather can be an issue.

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