Friday, January 02, 2015

Federal Aviation Administration authorizes drone use for mosquito control in Florida Keys: Drones to fly between Sugarloaf Key, Key Largo

KEY WEST, Fla. -  The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District plans to use two drones to search for standing water in remote spots.

It's the first time the Federal Aviation Administration has authorized drones for mosquito control in the U.S.

The district's executive director, Michael Doyle, said the drones will only fly between Sugarloaf Key and Key Largo to avoid coming within five miles of the airports in Key West and Miami.

Doyle said the district is concerned about a proposed Key West ordinance that would ban all drones within city limits unless an owner has permission from the FAA to fly a drone. Doyle said that ordinance doesn't address the potential risk of drones colliding with district helicopters that can fly low over the ground.

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