Friday, January 02, 2015

Caribbean Airlines pilot killed in road accident

A Caribbean Airlines pilot is the country’s first road fatality.

He has been identified as 38-year-old Santa Cruz resident Nicolas Hospedales.

Maracas/St Joseph police said around 12.05 p.m. yesterday, Hospedales was riding his black-and-red Honda CVR 600 motorcycle along the North Coast Road, close to Maracas Bay, when he lost control and collided with a black Honda Civic heading in the opposite direction.

Police said Hospedales was riding with several friends but at the time of the accident the other bikers had gone ahead of him.

The accident reportedly occurred in an area where road repair works were being done. 

It is unclear if this contributed to accident.

Hospedales was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

President of the Trinidad and Tobago Airline Pilots Association, Gerard Pinnard, confirmed that Hospedales was a first officer or co-pilot with Caribbean Airlines. He could not say how long he was employed with the airline.

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