Sunday, January 04, 2015

Dynamic Airways explains difficulties encountered

Dynamic Airways recently transported in excess of 2000 passengers to Guyana, and the airline is in the process of returning those passengers safely to their destination in the United States of America (USA).

This feat was accomplished amidst all the challenges the airline had experienced, especially during the busy Christmas season.

Dynamic Airways has unfortunately been recently plagued with many delays, for which the airline has faced severe criticism. Passengers travelling back to Guyana for the Christmas Holidays were allegedly left stranded at the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport in New York.

Captain Gerald ‘Gerry’ Gouveia has said via his Facebook post that the fault was maintenance-related.

“Due to an unanticipated maintenance delay,” he said, “the additional flight that was added by Dynamic to handle holiday passengers is delayed by 24 hours. To alleviate the inconvenience, passengers are being accommodated with hotels, meals, and transportation,” he mentioned in the social network post.

As was also reported, about 250 passengers were booked to travel with Dynamic Airways on the Christmas Eve flight to Guyana, but did not make it home for Christmas after they were left stranded at the John F Kennedy (JFK) Airport.

Managing Director of Roraima Group of Companies, Captain Gerald Gouveia, related that Dynamic Airways created an environment of stable fares and the ability to make a choice for the travelling public here in Guyana.

He emphasized that “they (Dynamic Airways) moved in excess of 2,000 persons into Guyana this Christmas, and are now in the process of returning them safely back to their homes in the USA.”

“Yes, Dynamic had challenges, and yes, approximately 150 passengers did not get to visit Guyana for Christmas because, and only because, Dynamic Airways will always put safety above anything else,” Gouveia noted.

He also said that aircraft are machines with hundreds of moving parts that all need to work, and “sometimes unfortunately parts malfunction. Luckily, checks on the ground detect these parts and the planes do not fly”.

Gouveia also said the airline sincerely apologizes for causing any inconvenience to the travelling public, but safety will always be its number one priority.

Dynamic Airways, he said, remains committed to serving Guyana, and promises to work harder every day to continuously improve its level of service to its passengers.

On November 22, 2014, Dynamic Airways resumed operations in Guyana after being out for several months owing to a number of issues, including problematic ground handling personnel. Gouveia explained in a press conference, after gaining permission from Department of Transportation (DOT) in the Unites States, “The company has filed all documents (with) the GCAA, with the last piece of document (being) filed yesterday (Monday, November 10).

“We are now awaiting their approval which has to be sent to the Minister of Works for the final okay,” Gouveia said.

Dynamic Airways entered the Guyanese market in June, and then had suspended all flights on July 8, approximately two weeks after it commenced operations. The airline explained that the suspension was due to operational difficulties encountered while trying to secure time slots at the John F Kennedy (JFK) Airport for the month of July. Then the company was forced to cease all flights, and had given a date of return as August 8, but the airline had failed to honor its return date and to return direct flights between CJIA and JFK.

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