Sunday, October 12, 2014

Air ambulance obliterates gazebo after ‘flying too low’

An Eastbourne couple were left shocked and annoyed after the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance caused damage to their property.

The air ambulance helicopter landed in Five Acre Field on October 1 but upon taking off, flew so close to a row of houses, it scared residents and left a trail of destruction.

Margaret and Rodney, who live in Middleton Drive, bore the brunt of the damage.

Margaret said, “The helicopter was getting closer and I began thinking it wasn’t going to clear our house. I ran outside because I was scared it would hit us. I came back to find tiles and guttering pulled away from the roof and our gazebo was in our neighbor’s garden, which means it must have been lifted about 12 feet off the ground. The frame, which is metal and not particularly lightweight, is all mangled and broken.”

Rodney added, “The air ambulance do a wonderful job but I don’t understand why the pilot didn’t get the height before flying over houses. It could have been a lot worse.”

Leigh Curtis, director of operations for the KSS Air Ambulance said, “We are aware of the incident in question and we are in the process of thoroughly investigating the matter. We take these matters extremely seriously and ensuring the safety of the public we serve is always of primary importance to us. We are not able to comment further until our investigation is complete.”

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