Sunday, October 12, 2014

Incident occurred October 12, 2014 at Caesar Creek Gliderport (2OH9), Waynesville, Ohio

MASSIE TWP., Warren County —   A female pilot was complaining of back pain after landing a small airplane too hard, according to Brian Stoops, flight operations director at the Caesar Creek Soaring Club.

The landing didn't cause any visible damages to the aircraft.

Stoops said the pilot was taken by squad to the hospital more as a "precaution" than any definite injuries.

Stoops, who first flew at the site at 10 years old, said he's never had a hard landing, but likened it to "jumping off a roof."

"It causes a hard impact," he said. "You are sitting down so you're back is going to take the majority of the compression."


A glider came down too fast and landed too hard today at the Caesar Creek Soaring Club near Waynesville.

Fire and rescue crews responded at approximately 12:40 p.m. to the rural runway at 5385 Elbon Road.

Warren County dispatch records indicated it was a reported hard landing by a glider and there were no serious injuries.

The Ohio Highway Patrol is the investigating agency.

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