Saturday, August 23, 2014

de Havilland Tiger Moth, C-GMFT, Canadian Museum of Flight: Accident occurred August 23, 2014 at Delta Heritage Air Park (CAK3), Delta, BC

Some spectators saw some unexpected action Saturday afternoon at the first ever Warbird Fly-in at the Delta Heritage Airpark when one of the vintage planes crashed.

Tsawwassen resident Christine Thompson was at the show with one of her sons and her daughter. She said they checked out many of the planes on display before making their way over to the airfield where some of the aircraft were taking off.

"We were very, very close," she said. "It was really cool."

Thompson said they were just about to leave at round 3:30 p.m. when they noticed another plane, a Second World War-era Tiger Moth biplane, about to take off.

"They went by us and we waved ... it was all so happy," she said.

Thompson said the plane sped up as it made its way down the runway and was a couple hundred metres away when it began taking off. However, things quickly went wrong. She said the plane had just taken off and was only about 50 metres off the ground when it started banking to the left and then it suddenly started banking sharply to the right.

"The right wing tip dropped way down," Thompson said, adding that it looked like the wing hit a bush and the plane went down into the trees.

"The guy sitting beside us went sprinting over," she said.

Others followed and emergency responders were called. Thompson said there were soon about 10 to 15 emergency vehicles at the airpark.

"It was pretty dramatic," she said.

The pilot and passenger suffered minor injuries, said Delta police Sgt. Sarah Swallow. The pair was treated in hospital and later released.

The Transportation Safety Board has taken over the investigation.

This Second World War-era Tiger Moth biplane was one of many on display at the first ever Warbird Fly-in at Delta Heritage Airpark Saturday, Aug. 23. The plane crashed shortly after taking off from the event Saturday afternoon.

Two people were lucky to sustain only minor injuries after a WWII-style plane crashed in Delta Heritage Air Park during take-off. 

 First responders closed the airspace around the park as they investigated the scene.

According to police, the vintage plane may have lost control during take-off and crashed into some nearby trees.

Both passengers walked away from the crash with minor injuries and the crash only damaged some surrounding trees and shrubs.

The Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident.

Police said there wasn’t any danger to the public.

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DELTA, B.C. – Two people walked away from a small plane crash in Delta, B.C.

Delta police say a Second-World-War-era plane crashed while trying to take off at the city’s heritage air park.

Sgt. Brad Cooper says the single-propeller, two-seater craft appeared to lose control and ran into a treeline.

Cooper says both passengers suffered minor injuries and save for a few trees and shrubs, no property was damaged.

He says weather conditions were clear and the grass runway appeared to be dry.

Cooper says there were no explosions and no fire, and the Transportation Safety Board has taken over the investigation.

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