Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Federal Aviation Administration investigating drone-shot video of fireworks over West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH —   A man who flew a drone into a fireworks show over West Palm Beach and captured stunning video that went viral over the weekend might have to answer to federal investigators.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the video is “under investigation.”

“The FAA is looking into multiple incidents in which unmanned aircraft flew into fireworks displays to determine if there was any violation of federal regulations or airspace restrictions,” the agency said in a statement to The Palm Beach Post.

Punishments can include “a verbal warning and an order to stop the operation and civil penalties,” the FAA said.

A man named “Jos Stiglingh” uploaded his now-infamous 4-minute feature to YouTube on May 13. The video gained global exposure over the Fourth of July holiday after GoPro uploaded a snippet of it and promoted it on its YouTube page on the afternoon of July 4.

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