Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Incident occurred July 08, 2014 at Sawyer International Airport (KSAW), Marquette, Michigan

K.I. SAWYER -- Crews at Sawyer International Airport had quite the scare late Tuesday afternoon.

At 5:20p.m., an Air National Guard KC135 Refueling airplane made an emergency landing at Sawyer International Airport.   "It was just a minor hydraulic issue. Of course caution is the lead reason we went all out with the fire trucks," said Duane Duray, Sawyer International Airport Manager.

As soon as it rolled onto the tarmac, the aircraft was greeted by about a dozen fire trucks, ambulances, and police.

"We're fortunate that we didn't have an accident occur. The aircraft came in, landed safely. A lot more hustle and bustle going with other responding agencies. It was good to see they were all able to make it out and have a better ending than a big fire crash," said John Rowe, Firefighting Training Officer for Sawyer International Airport.

Story and Photos:   http://www.uppermichiganssource.com

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