Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Federal Aviation Administration regulations thwart model airplane hobbyists

Opinion/Letters to the Editor •  Jim Petro

Read the released FAA document? This adds to banning of model flying at national parks and within 30 miles of the president. All by this presidency. A congressional bill protects the hobby of model airplanes, but the FAA challenges Congress's authority.

Per the document:

    Pages 8-9: FPV (first-person view) hobby flying is banned entirely.
    Page 11: Anyone not licensed under a nationwide community-based organization is flying a hobby model aircraft illegally, anywhere.
    Page 17: All regulations will be applied to model airplane flying.

Model aircraft and smartphone camera technology are the same. Want privacy ensured? Enact government rule to smash the phone's camera lens.

There are not enough new licensed pilots replacing aging airline pilots. That leaves two choices; hire foreigners or convert planes into big drones. Doesn't this all go back to model airplanes creating career pilots?

- Jim Petro, Gary

Source:   http://www.nwitimes.com

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