Saturday, June 21, 2014

There is not an 'EPIDEMIC' of airplane crashes in United States -Mark Taylor

Regarding the article "NKY plane crash mirrors US trend" (June 18):

Come on, report the news, not incite panic! There is not an "epidemic" of airplane crashes in the U.S. This article cites 44,700 deaths in small airplane crashes! But the fine print tells us that this number is over a 50-year period! Do people realize this same number of deaths occur EACH YEAR in automobiles? Yet who gives a second thought to jumping in a car and driving 70 mph while eating a sandwich and talking or texting on their cellphone?

The article says that only 15 percent of "crashes" are investigated thoroughly. I've read newspaper reports calling an off-field landing (emergency landing in a field or highway) a crash.

Tragic as it is, only a small number of "crashes" result in deaths.

The sad part for us aviators is that an airplane crash, unlike an automobile crash, is such a hot seller for news media. Flying is a world of its own and understood by pilots.

I only wish pilots would be consulted in the articles. The aviation community is very aware of itself and is doing the dance of balancing flying dangers with maintaining the freedom of flight.

Mark Taylor, Goshen


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