Saturday, June 21, 2014

Accident occurred June 20, 2014 near Chevak, Alaska

Small Aircraft Makes Emergency Tundra Landing

ANCHORAGE -   A small plane out of Chevak that nearly crashed mid-flight was able to make an emergency landing Friday on the tundra.

According to Alaska State Troopers, the Cessna 172 made an emergency landing on the tundra southwest of Chevak. Yute Air employee Damond Jolley, 34, was piloting the plane, NTSB investigator Brice Banning reports, when the aircraft suffered a sudden loss of engine power.

“The pilot did a very admirable job of getting the plane to the ground,” Banning said. “There were no injuries, and no damage to the plane itself.”

Jolley and his passenger, 60-year-old Stanley Dunagan, were recovered by troopers and transported to Bethel, the aircraft’s scheduled destination.

The investigation into the cause of the emergency landing is ongoing. Banning says the operating company is working to the retrieve the aircraft for further inspection.


Alaska State Troopers say no injuries are reported in the crash of a small plane near Chevak Friday afternoon.

AST spokesperson Beth Ipsen says troopers were informed of the crash, about 12 miles south of the Western Alaska village, at about 5 p.m. She wasn’t sure whether the aircraft was private or commercial.

“There were only two people in it and they were uninjured,” Ipsen said.

Ipsen says the National Transportation Safety Board has been notified of the crash.

Clint Johnson, the NTSB’s chief investigator in Alaska, wasn’t immediately available for comment Friday night.


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