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Hazleton, Pennsylvania: Many volunteered to aid Civil Air Patrol project

Published: May 18, 2014


In September 2013, the Civil Air Patrol issued a revised regulation requiring all squadrons with airplanes to remove all non-airplane-related materials from hangar facilities. These changes were mandated for obvious safety reasons, but members of Hazleton Squadron 203 knew work would be required at their own hangar at the Hazleton airport in order to come into compliance with the revised regulation.

Capt. Tom Hall, deputy squadron commander, reached out to squadron members for input on alternatives to getting the job done. Upon review of the supplies and materials stored in the hangar, the members determined that the bulk of the contents would have to be moved out.

That, of course, presented a new problem: where to put everything. Space within the squadron building was already limited. The team determined that an outdoor shed would sufficiently meet their newly created storage requirements.

The Civil Air Patrol is a nonprofit organization, and all CAP members are volunteers. Finding sufficient funds for those items CAP needs to properly manage its facility is always a challenge.

This case was no different. The team would have to locate and pay for a new storage shed. Team members found an appropriate 10-by-14-foot shed at Lowe's, who was then generous enough to donate it to CAP. The team, however, would be responsible for transporting the assembled shed from Lowe's on Route 93 in West Hazleton to the facility at the Hazleton Regional Airport themselves.

Capt. Hall first contacted the appropriate local and airport officials to obtain approval for the placement of the shed. Lts. John Beavers and Terry Hartwell assisted Capt. Hall with the site prep work.

Chris Herbener, of Herbener & Son Trucking & Excavating of White Haven, volunteered his time and resources to transport the shed from Lowe's to the airport. Flying enthusiast Al Roman donated resources and manpower (Chris Sanzi) to assist with getting the shed off the truck and placing it on the stone pad prepared by CAP volunteers.

To ensure a safe trip from Lowe's to the airport, West Hazleton police (Gary Sanzi) and Hazle Township Fire Department (Matthew Marsicano) provided an escort during transportation. At the airport, CAP members Capt. Gary Ziegler and Lt. Rob Rabinowitz joined the other Squadron 203 members to assist with unloading the shed and getting the shed on its pad.

With the shed now in place, Squadron 203 members can move their equipment and supplies out of the hangar and into the shed for proper storage. And, after a few minor renovations to the hangar, Squadron 203 will be compliant with the CAP regulation, and able to house a CAP plane in the hangar.

This project was a success thanks to the volunteer efforts of many. Hazleton Squadron 203 thanks everyone involved in the project. Volunteer service is a core value that CAP members demonstrate time and again.

As a result of the time, support and generosity volunteered by others in the community, Squadron 203 remains at the ready and able to perform required emergency service and training missions.

1st Lt. John Beavers,

public affairs officer,

Hazleton Squadron 203,

Civil Air Patrol


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