Saturday, May 10, 2014

Drone technology outpacing regulations

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – A U.S. airliner nearly collided with a drone over Florida in March, but the FAA just released this information on Friday.

A pilot of the regional jet says he came dangerously close to a quote, "small remotely piloted aircraft" near the Tallahassee airport.

According to experts, a drone getting sucked into a jetliner engine could have catastrophic consequences. And just this week, a drone crashed into a downtown St. Louis skyscraper.

Rory Paul runs Volt Aerial Robotics, a drone manufacturing company based in Chesterfield. Paul says more accidents are likely to happen, until regulations catch up with the technology.

"It's the wild west of drones," said Paul. "The FAA and the federal government haven't kept pace. This technology three years ago didn't exist."

Paul says some regulation could be beneficial for both hobbyist and businesses like his.

"Guidelines, certifications, etc.," said Paul.

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